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New Hatsuyuki episodes...

Hi all! (koff!) Boy the dust in here is something fierce!!

Well, has everyone seen the Hatsuyuki/Sunflower fansubs of eps 33-39 yet? I have been limiting myself to only one eps per day to make it last and just finished up eps 36 last night. After reading the manga I can see why some people were upset about some of these episodes...Waffle is an anime only character and, apparently, since the writers needed some extra episodes to come up to the total number contracted for, they wrote some waffle episodes as filler and stuck them in. At least that's what it seems like to me. Now, with the preview of eps 36 it looks like it's getting back to the main plot.

Oh and I apologize for no pics but I'm late for work as it is and have to leave... ^__^
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