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selling image album

hi! i'm selling the Sugar Sugar Rune image album "maison de chocola." hope it's ok to make a sales post here, if not let me know and i'll delete it ASAP.

comes with a lot of cool extras: collectible cards (blue one a little dented, otherwise everything else is in very good/like new condition) and a dress up flip book.

it's out of print and if you can find this online it's usually at least ~$50, see amazon, and i can't even find it on yesasia, ebay, or yahoo auctions. i bought it on CD japan a few years for ago but it's out of stock.

1. Avant Title
2. Chocolat ni muchuu (TV size)
3. zen Commercial
4. Orchestra no otoko
5. "Chocolat ni muchuu" no Swing
6. gokigen naname no onna no ko
7. sumire mitai
8. makai no ouji
9. Date☆Date
10. chuu Commercial
11. Stereo Check
12. Chocola no kuchibue
13. One Note Sonata
14. shitsunaigaku
15. La fête
16. "tsuki no mukou no sekai" no komoriuta
17. Ending Roll

anyway, i'm selling it for $17 + shipping but i'm also open to trading for the manga in english vol. 6+

if you're interested please comment on my sales post (payment info at the bottom of the post) in my journal or PM me, rather than commenting here.
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