Petit Arbre (nayung) wrote in sugarsugarrune,
Petit Arbre

S²R Blog crew

Hello, I'm new in this community and I love procrastination actually think blog crews are funny and was wondering if a S²R blog crew exists... As I haven't find one, I suppose it's ok to create it. XD
( first time I do so... I hope that I won't make any errors )

Comment to join ♥

If you don't know the drill : A blog crew is a place for fans who share the same interest in a fandom to get together. Each person claim one different character and put up a link back to this page to convince others to join or just to show which character they prefer/represent.
It's a way to make new friends or to show your love for a fandom. ^^"
- me wonders if her explanations are correct/make sense... e_e -

I really think S²R ( and in fact, all Moyoco Anno works because she's an awesome mangaka ) needs love so please, don't make me feel I'm the only one here who wanted to start this. =3 lol

Taken Characters :

Chocola → koneko
Vanilla → exchangediary
Pierre → invader_bs
Houx → shadhahvar
Saule → chokobucket
Lovin → reine_du_rococo
Glacier → coco_kun
Cinnamon → fearmirichan
Yurika → dismal_carnival
Poivre → nayung

The code :
Sugar² Rune Your Character

Oh and just because I -sometimes- like to spam : S²R manga is finally available in France !!! The covers are not exactly as the japanese version but I also like the finals results. <3

I can't wait... I have bought vol.1 & 2 in japanese long time ago ( when others volumes haven't been published yet ) and now I'm frustatring by the teasers. >.< lol

PS : Sorry for my awful english. T_T
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