thestarsamurai (thestarsamurai) wrote in sugarsugarrune,

Creditless 2nd Ending Theme + I has raws of episodes~

I have the creditless opening and 1st ending - but I haven't found the 2nd ending creditless. (I found the other two on eMule - but no creditless 2nd ending - lame~~~)

So yeah. If anyone would like to give me a download (if they have one) - that'd be fantastic. :D

And also I don't know if anyone else looks at the other thread by rachelmon that wanted episodes 42 and 32 (I think?) raws -

- but when I tried to upload them on MegaUpload, it decided to not work for me. So if anyone has any suggestions as to where I should upload it, I'd super appreciate it!! Because I totally want to share episodes - when I have the time.

I have all the episodes originally captured by l33t-raws (I don't think they exist anymore...?) - but they're like TV raws - not DVD fantastic raws. 83 So I guess if anyone who's subbing wants any raw - I'll try and upload.
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